Types Of Bricks For Homes Construction

5 Common Types Of Bricks For Homes Construction

Planning to construct a new home? How about using quality construction bricks? No doubt, there are other materials too that are important for constructing a residential or commercial property. But the bricks are the essential components of every building’s structure.

Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you should know about the different types of bricks for homes in Pakistan. With every passing day, the types of clay bricks are increasing. So, it’s essential to know about the brick varieties.

It will help you shop for the best quality of bricks for your construction project. Here are different types of brick in Pakistan briefly explained. Let’s dive into them.

Variety of Bricks In Pakistan

Following are some of the most common brick varieties available in Pakistan. For your ease, their applications are also briefly mentioned.

  • Unburnt bricks
  • Burnt bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks
  • Concrete bricks
  • Fly Ash Bricks 

1: Unburnt Bricks

As the name indicates, these are the bricks that aren’t burnt properly. They are made from clay and are available in different shapes and sizes. These bricks are sun-dried. Therefore, they are known as unburnt bricks. For small and light structures, these bricks can be used. But if you are planning to build a solid property, you should consider other types of clay bricks.

2: Burnt Bricks

Out of all the famous types of bricks for homes, the brunt bricks are the most common ones. No matter the scale of a particular construction project, this brick type is mostly used. The reason for its success is its reliability. The brunt bricks are properly burnt and are available in different qualities. Brunt bricks are made from wet clay which is then pressed into molds. Unlike unburnt bricks, these bricks are baked in Kilns. After the drying and baking process, these bricks are colored red. All the brunt bricks you see around are colored red. This color option has become the identity of brunt bricks.

During the whole molding process, many bricks get damage while some lost their maximum strength. Therefore, the burnt bricks are classified into four different categories. Here are those four categories listed.

First Class Burnt Bricks

The first class burnt bricks are the strongest and most used type of brick in Pakistan. These bricks are properly burnt in large Kilns hence they have smooth edges, accurate shape, and offer maximum strength. For any construction, first-class clay bricks are preferred as they are strong and reliable.

Second Class Burnt Bricks

The second-class brunt bricks offer adequate strength as they are molded through the ground molding process. The smoothness of edges in this case may not be up to the mark. These bricks are brunt in Kilns just like the first-class category. As these are molded on the ground, the appearance of these bricks isn’t ideal. They have uneven shapes and corners.

Third Class Burnt Bricks

Just like unburnt bricks, the third-class clay bricks are not reliable for constructing a building. These bricks are used for short-term construction objects. These bricks cannot handle tough weather conditions such as constant rain or a thunderstorm.

Fourth Class Burnt Bricks

These bricks are the cheapest form of clay bricks. Usually, such bricks are crushed and mixed with other construction materials to form specific mixtures. If you are constructing any property, you will surely need these bricks for forming different mixtures.

3: Sand Lime Bricks

After the clay bricks, it’s the sand-lime bricks that are mostly used. These bricks are made from fly ash, sand, and water. The overall strength of sand-lime bricks is superior to clay bricks. Also, the manufacturing process of sand-lime bricks or calcium silicate bricks is much simpler and convenient. It requires a minimum quantity of mortar and offers enhanced durability compared to other types of bricks for homes.

Applications of Sand Lime Bricks:

  • In exterior and interior wall’s enhancement
  • For building a solid structural foundation of buildings

4: Concrete Bricks

Probably, the strongest and the most reliable types of house brick, these bricks offer everything you need to construct a residential or commercial property. As mentioned, these bricks are made from raw concrete material. The concrete itself is a very strong construction material. Imagine how strong would be the bricks made from concrete. These bricks can handle extreme weather conditions without a hassle.

Application Of Concrete Bricks

  • For Fancy Brickwork in Buildings and Homes
  • Can be used for fences and facades

5: Fly Ash Bricks

The fly ash bricks are made from a mixture of fly ash and water. The durability is something the fly ash bricks are known for offering. They can handle high and even freezing temperatures with ease. The presence of a high amount of calcium oxide makes these bricks that special. Note that the same calcium oxide is found in cement which is known for its enhanced strength. So, if you want strength, reliability, and durability in one single type of brick, you can search for fly ash used bricks price in Pakistan.

Applications of Fly Ash Bricks

  • For building structural walls
  • For building pillars and foundations

Why Should I Use Bricks For My Construction Project?

Well, the bricks lay act as the foundation material for every construction. The nature, scale, and types of projects don’t matter when we Talk about the importance of bricks. Here is what these bricks add to your project:

Added Strength

Being made from quality raw materials such as fly ash and concrete, different types of bricks strengthen your home, office, or any piece of the architect. This is one of the biggest reasons to use bricks for all construction types.

Visually Pleasing To The Eye

Bricks not only strengthens your property but also make it esthetically sound good. Whether you’ve done brickworks inside the property or outside, they will surely enhance the beauty of your property.

Rough And Tough Nature

Who doesn’t want his property to withstand high temperature and extreme weather circumstances? Quality used bricks for sale are made to survive in such conditions.


In the long run, all types of bricks for homes turn out as one cost-effective construction material. Their durability, strength, and also their beauty aspect justify their price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: What Are The Different Types Of Bricks? 

Unburnt bricks, burnt bricks, fly ash clay bricks, and concrete bricks are some of the common types of bricks used for home construction in Pakistan. 

2: Which Type Of Brick Is Best? 

Concrete bricks and burnt bricks, both are rated as the best types of bricks. 

3: What Are The Types Of Bricks Used In Construction? 

As the uses of bricks in construction are many, so a variety of bricks are used in construction. These mainly include burnt bricks, fly ash bricks and concrete bricks. 

4: What Are Different Types Of Bricks For Houses

For the construction of houses and apartments, burnt bricks and fly ash brick are mostly uses. 

5: What Are The Uses Of Bricks In Construction?

Mainly bricks are used to construct walls, foundations, and pillars of any construction property. 


So, there are different types of bricks for home construction. Also, quality bricks such as concrete ones are there to be used for commercial constructions. No matter what the construction goal is, one cannot go against the applications, importance, and reliability aspect of bricks. They not only appear good but also add a lot of value to your home or commercial property. Therefore, you should always choose the best types of bricks at shaheenbricks.com

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