Punjab Govt Shifting Kiln Bricks To ZigZag! True?

According to CM Punjab twitter account, the govt have shifted 7986 kiln bricks to ZigZag technology in Punjab to tackle the climate change due to air pollution.

Due to heavy smog in urban areas, the Govt imposed restrictions for 4 months in kiln bricks operation last year. The brick owners had to face the huge lose. Also, the labour working on bricks faced a lot of issues.

To tackle all issues with kiln bricks, the Govt started offering loan to brick owner to shift the bricks on ZigZag technology.

According to govt of Punjab, they have taken all the necessary steps but the real story is totally different. Govt. didn’t provide loan or any sort of subsidy to all brick owner in Punjab. Only specific people got benefited from the scheme. Most of the bricks in rural areas are still operating on traditional methods. Some brick owner are installing the “Blower Technology” to tackle the air pollution.

We just shifted one of our kiln bricks to ZigZag technology and it costs almost 1 Crore PKR to construct a ZigZag kiln brick. Also, the proper testing is not done yet whether the ZigZag technology will be feasible in Pakistan or not.

The bricks industry in Pakistan is one of the pillars of the construction industry. The govt. should not ignore this brick industry. There are different types of bricks manufacture to meet the construction industry needs.

As far as the bricks industry in Sahiwal is concerned, none of the brick owners in the district got any support from the government. The brick owners still need Govt support. As a brick owner, if you got any loan from Govt. of Punjab, please let us know in the comment section.

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