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We are offering the quality kiln bricks in Pakistan at affordable rates. 

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Affordable eant rate in pakistan

Shaheen bricks is a family owned business working in Pakistan since 1992. The aim is to provide the affordable bricks in Pakistan.

Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priorities. We are supplying bricks to top companies in Pakistan. 

Apart from serving companies, we also focus on supplying the affordable bricks to common Pakistani. Contact us for the most affordable eant rate in Pakistan.

Our bricks have helped contractors turn some of the challenging architect projects into reality. We just don’t manufacture bricks; we craft them with perfection to help you construct a solid property. 

Apart from top-tier construction companies, we also supply quality bricks to common Pakistani’s. Our focus is not just to cater to the construction requirement of construction companies. 

If you are an individual constructing your first home, we have got a special range of bricks for you at affordable prices. 

If you are searching for affordable eant in Pakistan, this is the place to order. Reach us through call or email; our team would be more than happy to assist you.



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Our Specialization

The beauty of Walled city of Lahore City lies in the bricks made of of local clay, which are used on exteriors of old and new buildings. Old monuments to modern buildings, the classic kiln bricks is decorating the architecture with immense beauty from centuries.

Shaheen Bricks is one of the top brick manufacturers in Pakistan, designing different designs of clay bricks.

Classic Clay Bricks

Find the best affordable bricks/eant rate in Pakistan.

Farshi Tile/Floor Bricks

We are also manufacturing the quality Farshi tiles also know as clay floor tile.

Clay Tile

We are also manufacturing the best roof tile in Pakistan.

overburnt/Kinger bricks

Overburnt/Kinger can be use in wall designing and chanii. We are offering bricks all over Lahore, Guranwala, and other cities.

What Our Clients Say

Shaheen Bricks is one of the leading bricks manufacturers in Pakistan. I am really satisfied with the quality of bricks. I find them online and contact them via phone. They even offered me to physically visit their kiln bricks. I personally visit the different kiln bricks and really impressed with the quality of bricks. 


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I was looking for quality bricks in Pakistan. I visited several kiln bricks but no one impress me with the quality as Shaheen Bricks did. They are producing the quality construction bricks.
Real Estate Developer
I really appreciate their effort.. They are producing the quality products.
Development Company
I was looking for custom designed Farshi Tiles for front area of my newly constructed home. Shaheen Bricks did the great job by manufacturing the custom design bricks for me. I really appreciate the effort they put to provide me with quality bricks.